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Consignment Guidelines:
Last Updated: 17 May 2015

Items sold on this website as consignment items will do so under the following rules:

  1. The cost of consignment is:
  2. Unlike in the rest of the site, shipping is included in the price.  Shipping will be direct from the Consignor to buyer so in some cases it may be difficult to combine shipping but we will if we can.
  3. We will control items in this section for quality, accuracy and value to the best of our ability but all issues requiring any form of resolution will be between Consignor and seller. 
  4. Once the Consigned item is received in good order by the buyer, we will pay the Consignor his monies from the sellers payment.  After that, we will have no further involvement in the transaction and any further discourse or issues arising from the item will have to be handled between Consignor and buyer directly.
  5. We did not set this site up to be a Consignment site or trading place for others,but we will offer this as a service selectively to help collectors find and trade good items.
  6. We will refuse to list items that we feel are not consistent with this site's core collecting areas, overpriced or misrepresented.  Although these are not our items, we realize that to some extent this section reflects on us.  We have been in this hobby too long building our knowledge bases and reputations to let folks misuse that for the extemely nominal fee we charge which covers only the time associated with listing items and all the hassles that entails.  This fee does not allow for us to take responsibility for the goods should an issue arise or they be lost or damaged in shipping.  Insurance fees and claims will be the responsibility of the Consignor and buyer.
  7. We will limit quantity in this section and rotate pieces out if they do not move.  We do not want this site to be overtaken by consignment pieces and we also want to keep it fresh.  Keeping new pieces appearing here is a major reason why we are accepting consignments in the first place as we are not relic dealers, have other main jobs, and there is a limit to how much inventory we can make available from our collections or in the course of acquiring pieces.
  8. We reserve the right to remove any consignment piece from this web site for any reason we want.

Thank you for your understanding of this as it is something of a delicate and evolving situation.  Please feel free to eMail one of us if you have questions about Consignment.