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U00855 - Tapered Parrott time fuse adapter

Item Number: U00855

Item Title: Tapered Parrott time fuse adapter

Price: $65

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US


Shell Type:

Thread Diameter:

Thread Count:


Location Recovered:

Description:Long, tapered pattern of the Parrott time fuse adapter. This was made to screw into a shell and avoid the slider ledge of the early Parrott shells. The early 2pc Parrott percussion fuse relied on a slider that sat on a ledge. This was a bad design and subsequently abolished, but these early shells were in widespread use and required a time fuse adapter that would fit into them.

Nice threads on this dug fuse. You can faintly see a "W" on the head which is thought to be for "West Point Fundry" which was Parrott's factory across the river from the US Military Academy at West Point, NY

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