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T00007 - NC Starburst - No Shank

Item Number: T00007

Item Title: NC Starburst - No Shank

Price: $120

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: CS

Dug? : Yes


Shank? : No

Type: Shirt

Construction: Solid cast

Back mark: None

Books: Albert's ID: NC16

Tice's ID:

Troiani's ID:

Location Recovered: Unknown

(Sorry for the image quality. They looked in focus when I took them. I can take more images if you need.)

This is a very nice Starburst button worn by North Carolina troops. The face is clean, smooth and with good relief. My images not withstanding, it is easy to see the face. The square on the back appears to be left over residue from some tape that I forgot to clean off. It has been removed and you can see the solder splash that held on the shank. If it doesn't sell right away I'll get new images that show the clean back. This is a very nice Confederate button representing the State of North Carolina.

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