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M00581 - Button: CS Tin Back Infantry

Item Number: M00581

Item Title: Button: CS Tin Back Infantry

Price: $190

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: CS

Model: Button

Type: CS Tin Back Block (Roman) I

Book: Alberts CS182

Location Recovered: Moss Neck, VA Winter Camp

Description:The 1862-63 winter camp at Moss Neck, VA, which is near the Rappahannock River just west of Fredericksburg, gave up this very nice Block I Tin Back button. The face is near perfect with great dark patina. The "I" is nice and clear. These buttons are very hard to find with a good back as the tin often rusted away in short order. This back is solid though rusty with a great brass shank that while bent slightly still stands mostly straight and is not loose. Definitely a better example than most we see.

Button is 22mm in diameter.


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