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L00106 - Civil War Cartridge Boxes of the Union Infantryman
Sorry, this item is no longer available!

Item Number: L00106

Title: Civil War Cartridge Boxes of the Union Infantryman

Author: Paul D. Johnson


Price: $25

Shipping: Not included

Description:There were four patterns of infantry boxes used by Union forces during the Civil War. Quoting original Ordnance Department letters, author Paul Johnson describes the development and subsequent pattern changes to these cartridge boxes that were made throughout the rifle-musket percussion era. Using 175+ photographs from extant examples that show these pattern characteristics, Johnson has finally answered many of the questions concerning these cartridge boxes. There is never-before-released information on the inspection procedures of Civil War accouterments as well as newly found information on the operation of the Ordnance Department just before and during the Civil War. This information will be a must for the collector, museum curator and reenactor alike.