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A00438 - Wonderful Parrott Half Shell 10-lber

Item Number: F00438

Item Title: Wonderful Parrott Half Shell 10-lber

Price: $245

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US

Type: Read-Parrott

Size: 2.9 Inch Caliber (10 Pounder)

Sabot: Wrought Iron

Fuse: Parrott Zinc Time Adapter


Location Recovered: Port Hudson, LA

Description:This half shell is a US Read-Parrott. These were used in all theaters and were very effective artillery.

It was a wonderful surprise to section this shell and see the interior. I always wonder what odd thing I'll find. The first thing to note is that it has a nice bright and highly desirable yellow matrix that leaps out at the viewer and highlights the lead case shot balls, powder train and powder canister. Next I noticed the Mississippi River dirt that impacted the fuse and filled the fuse cavity and a gap on the top of the matrix. Below that is the powder train which has the paper time fuse pushed down into the metal tube which directed the ignition flame down to the powder can to explode the shell. Also of interest is that the powder can and tube shifted in the shell before the matrix solidified. I've seen this shift a few times. In the iron shell body can be seen the air bubbles what rose to the base of the shell and gathered around the wrought iron sabot which is intact and clearly seen. The fuse area shows distinct threads for the fuse which is very intact as they are often corroded greatly in these Parrotts.

Half shell is hand cleaned and coated.

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