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A00435 - Half section of a Hotchkiss case shot shell

Item Number: F00435

Item Title: Half section of a Hotchkiss case shot shell

Price: $235

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US

Type: Hotchkiss case shot shell

Size: 3in




Location Recovered:

Description:Interesting half section of a 3in Hotchkiss case shot shell. This shows the inner workings of this breakthrough piece of Civil War ordnance. The fuse adapter is connected to the powder chamber via a tube that channels the flame through a "pusher plate" that was designed to push the case shot forward through the nose of the shell. That is where the iron is thinnest and designed to break so the shot go out "directionally." I think this may have been the first shell designed in such a way. Today shaped or directional charges are pretty much the norm.

This one has nice rifling in the lead driving band indicating it was fired but didn't go off. Really neat piece.

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