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Just listed a bunch of out of print sword and saber refernce books. I had a house fire Friday evening, but these were not in the house. Still we're calling this a Fire Sale!

Please support your humble Civil War relic salesperson. Baby literally needs new shoes!

PS: Everything important is ok

C00015 - Good CS Wishbone Frame Buckle

Item Number: C00015

Item Title: Good CS Wishbone Frame Buckle

Price: $650

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: CS

Dug? : No

Size: Width: 97

Height: 65

Hooks? : Yes

Markings: N/A

Construction: Cast brass

Books: Mullinax's ID:

Kerksis's ID:

O'Donnell's ID:

Location Recovered: Near Dalton, GA

This is a very nice example of a no doubt Confederate plate: CS Wishbone. The brass has an as dug greenish patina with dirt still in the corners. The wishbone moves freely but is wrapped tight and looks original to the buckle. It is mostly flat with only a couple small waves that were almost assuredly period. One corner on the back does have what looks to be a digger's kiss where the shove scraped the brass taking off some patina but there doesn't appear to be any copper damage.

All in all a very nice buckle that doesn't cost you the $800 to $900 that a perfect one does and it comes with good provenance.

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