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Back from the show circuit with lots of new inventory. Will be trying to list things each day for those last minute holiday buyers to consider.

C00007 - Nice CS Wishbone Buckle

Item Number: C00007

Item Title: Nice CS Wishbone Buckle

Price: $725

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: CS

Dug? : Yes

Size: Width: 95.2 mm

Height: 65.2 mm

Hooks? : Yes

Markings: None

Construction: Cast brass

Books: Mullinax's ID:

Kerksis's ID:

O'Donnell's ID:

Location Recovered: Near Harpers Ferry

This is a very good dug Wishbone buckle with no repairs and nice patina. The labels that came with it indicate it was found near Harpers Ferry so a great provenance to have that don't often see.

The buckle is slightly out of square and has some very small waves in it showing it was a work in battle buckle. But you have to look close to see this and it displays great. It has wonderful patina with a just dug look that still has dirt in the corners. The nice heavy tongue is in excellent condition and fits it perfectly. I'm sure it is not a replacement.

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