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Will be listing a few things picked up at the Baltimore Show.

We were offered a 15" Army spherical shell. This is the type that took the wood fuse adapter and most if not all known came from surplus stocks at Bannermans. If anyones is interested in it for $1500, we'll get it and figure out how to meet up to deliver it. Absent a confirmed buyer we probably won't handle it as the hernia repair bills will far outweigh the few dollar profit we might make!

If you send an eMail on something and don't receive a prompt response, please follow up with a call or text to make sure we got your note or I reply didn't go into your spam folder. We get lots of eMails no problem from Nigerian Princes wanting to share their wealth with us, but for some reason legitimate eMails are occasionally getting routed to the virtual wasteland.

C00004 - US Box Plate

Item Number: C00004

Item Title: US Box Plate

Price: $120

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US

Dug? : Yes

Size: Width:


Hooks? : No

Markings: X

Construction: Brass lead filled

Books: Mullinax's ID:

Kerksis's ID:

O'Donnell's ID:

Location Recovered: Camps between Mobile and Dauphin Island, AL

Standard US plate used to hold the flap down on the cartridge box plate. Brass face is nice and is quite smooth. The right end has a small upturn. The plate is missing both iron hooks as most are. Back has all the lead with a little ground action but is really pretty smooth. There is a patch of rust colored concretion between the hooks that appears to be due to it lying on or next to a piece of iron. It appears it would come off with a little effort but I have not attempted to do it. Other than the rust spot and the small bend in the end it is a nice plate.

Of note just above the rust spot you can clearly see scratched into the lead a "X /" by a soldier. What it meant to the soldier is anyone's guess.

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