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We have a busy upcoming show schedule with the Mansfield show May 4th & 5th and Gettysburg again in late June. 2 more shows on the calendar for July and another in August!

Hope to see many of you at one of these shows.

B00991 - Nathan Bedford Forrest Enfield

Item Number: B00991

Item Title: Nathan Bedford Forrest Enfield

Price: $18

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: CS






Location Recovered: Fort Blakeley, AL

This is a distinctive Confederate bullet called the NBF or Nathan Bedford Forrest Enfield because many have been found in camps occupied by his troopers. It is technically not an Enfield because it is undersized, probably for the .54 caliber Austrian rifles carried by Western Theater troops.

This one was dug in Fort Blakely, Alabama. General Forrest was up the road in Selma during this siege operation.

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