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B00954 - Cove Creek minie used by Texas troops

Item Number: B00954

Item Title: Cove Creek minie used by Texas troops

Price: $200

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US






Location Recovered: Corinth, MS

.58 Cal Texas Troop's bullet dug by the late Stan Hughes at Corinth, MS. in the 2nd/9th Texas Cavalry site. Bullet also called a "Cove Creek Minie" by Steve Burgess. He found them in Confederate camps in Northwest Arkansas and wrote of them in an article titled "Rounds of the Razorbacks".

The bullets Stan recovered are bright white. Unfortunately, he is no longer with us to explain how he got them that way (perhaps using some cleaner containing bleach like Comet?)

These are super rare and this is what Stan was selling them for 10 or so years ago.

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