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B00912 - Good Tower .69 Caliber

Item Number: B00912

Item Title: Good Tower .69 Caliber

Price: $25

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US/CS

Type: Tower

Size: .69 Caliber



TT#: 200B

Location Recovered: Bovina, MS

(Sorry for the image quality. They looked in focus when I took them. I can take more images if you need.)

These shot but heavy bullets are more correctly known as British Rifled Musket bullets but are known to collectors as Tower Bullets. They are machine pressed with no grooves and have a plug base.

This example is quite nice. The surface is mostly smooth but not super smooth all the way around which is why it is not a $40 bullet like a perfect one would be. The patina is largely white with some dark shadows here and there. The cavity is clean and crisp.

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