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Starting to list some new items daily. Note that in a few days we'll start listing a good bit of non-bullet and artillery items from a big collection we just got. Lots of buttons and some plates and other goodies.

B00783 - Musket Ball With Sprue

Item Number: B00783

Item Title: Musket Ball With Sprue

Price: $10

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US/CS

Type: Musket Ball

Size: .58 Caliber




Location Recovered: Unknown

Description:This was in a large bullet and button collection I just picked up. Most items had provenance but this particular item did not.

It is a neat relic being a cast musket ball with the sprue still attached. I presume it is from a field casting but perhaps was found at an arsenal. It could be pre-Civil War or Civil War period with that caliber. it is in good condition.

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