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Starting to list some new items daily. Note that in a few days we'll start listing a good bit of non-bullet and artillery items from a big collection we just got. Lots of buttons and some plates and other goodies.

B00781 - Cased Williams Grouping

Item Number: B00781

Item Title: Cased Williams Grouping

Price: $30

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US

Type: Bullets

Size: .58 Caliber




Location Recovered: Spanish Fort and Fort Blakeley, AL

Description:Nice grouping of the 4 types of bullets made by Williams. Included in this sale is:
Williams Type I
Williams Type II
Williams Type III
Williams Regulation
Riker case they are displayed in
All are well made bullets in nice shape. For not much money you can have them all with the Riker case!

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