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B00617 - Dropped and Pulled Prussian

Item Number: B00617

Item Title: Dropped and Pulled Prussian

Price: $33

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US

Type: Rifled Musket

Size: .69 Caliber


MM#: 561

TT#: 188B

Location Recovered: Droop Mountain, WV

Description:These bullets are called by many collectors .69 caliber "Prussian" bullets. Jim and Dean Thomas indicate they are actually US made Rifled Musket .69 caliber bullets and there is no evidence they are imported. There are 6 variations from no rings to 3 rings. This is one of the 2-ring varieties. These are machine pressed and turned when made. Note that one is a drop and the other has a screw hole in the top where it was extracted by a soldier and discarded.

These came out of a collection of bullets from the Perryville, Kentucky battlefield area.

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