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A01681 - Armstong Lead Covered Bolt

Item Number: A01681

Item Title: Armstong Lead Covered Bolt

Price: $200

Shipping: Included

Provenance: US

Type: Armstrong

Size: 3 Inch Caliber

Sabot: Lead Jacket

Fuse: N/A


Location Recovered: Unkown

Description:This English projectile is a lead jacketed bolt made for the 12-pounder 3-inch Armstrong muzzle loading rifle. The bolt does not appear fired as there is no evident rifling and the base lead is still flat. You can clearly see the sprue on the bottom where the lead was poured around the projectile's iron core. It appears to have not been well taken care of in the past as the lead has lots of nicks and ping marks but none appear to be through to the iron. The CS Clay rounds were believed to be Armstrong projectiles because they possessed the same type of lead jacket but research showed they were in fact not. Though none of these Armstrong bolts are known to have been used in the Civil War, there were Armstrong projectiles used and this is from that time period. It is a different looking projectile that can show different ways for a rifled projectile to engage the guns rifling.

Projectile is cleaned and inert.

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