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We’re going to take a brief hiatus from the relic world, but we will be back soon. Apologies in advance if our replies are delayed but there’s no paid time off (or healthcare benefits) at BulletandShell. The East coast syndicate running it is a bunch of taskmasters so we have to sneak off whenever we can.

A01645 - 30pdr Parrott canister

Item Number: A01645

Item Title: 30pdr Parrott canister

Price: $950

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US






Location Recovered: Stones River are

Description:This is a hard-to-find type of canister that has been faithfully rebuilt by Dave Gotter. Dave's canister display won "Best of Show" at the recent Ohio Show in Mansfield. I had the honor of setting up next to him and afterwards he asked me to sell 3 of his pieces. I know Dave paid a lot of money for the original shot for this round -- all of them were recovered by the same digger in one hole at Stones River. The top and bottom plates are also original pieces. Very few collections have a 30pdr Parrott canister round in them.

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