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We have a busy upcoming show schedule with the Mansfield show May 4th & 5th and Gettysburg again in late June. 2 more shows on the calendar for July and another in August!

Hope to see many of you at one of these shows.

A01640 - Mac Mason marked stand of grape for the 32pdr gun

Item Number: A01640

Item Title: Mac Mason marked stand of grape for the 32pdr gun

Price: $1500

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US/CS

Type: Quilter stand of grape

Size: 32pdr




Location Recovered: James River defenses

Description:Beautiful stand of grape for 32pdr cannon. Professionally restored by pinning the shot together in 3 donut layers and reattaching the center bar almost invisibly. To top it off, the base has Mac Mason's distinctive writing on it which notes that this was recovered along the James River.

This would have been originally wrapped in canvas and heavy duty twine giving it a look of a bunch of grapes (hence the name "stand of grape") Obviously the canvas has long since rotted away and forcing us to have to re-secure the shot with pins.

I am hesitant to ship this and so would greatly prefer to deliver it at an upcoming show.

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