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A01635 - Dyer Case Shot Siege Shell

Item Number: A01635

Item Title: Dyer Case Shot Siege Shell

Price: $350

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US

Type: Dyer

Size: 4.5 Inch Caliber

Sabot: Lead Cup (Missing)

Fuse: Dyer Time Adapter

Jack Bell Page 222

Location Recovered: Unknown

Description:This is a great display piece. This round is for the 4.5" rifle called a Siege Gun. They were called this because while quite heavy they were mounted on a field style carriage and could be wheeled up to the battlefield lines to bombard the enemy in a siege situation. Most of the known use has been in Chattanooga, TN and Atlanta, GA and Petersburg, VA. Most of these projectiles are from a cache found in the Savannah River at the Augusta Powder Works. This one does not appear to have been found there and my guess is that it is from the Petersburg area.

This projectile is uncleaned but shows good iron and I think would clean up well. It is missing the large lead cup that engaged the guns rifling as most fired rounds are. This reveals the rib system used to prevent the sabot from slipping when fired. There is also the tell tale flange on the bottom presumably to keep the sabot from coming off the shell but obviously this did not work very well. The fuse is the zinc Dyer time adapter for the paper time fuse. Some of the top portion is corroded off as they usually are but most of the adapter is still present. This shell is a case shot and you can hear a couple balls rattle when shaken.

Shell is inert and coated.

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