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Just listed a bunch of out of print sword and saber refernce books. I had a house fire Friday evening, but these were not in the house. Still we're calling this a Fire Sale!

Please support your humble Civil War relic salesperson. Baby literally needs new shoes!

PS: Everything important is ok

A01556 - Nice Uncleaned CS Archer Bolt
Sorry, this item is no longer available!

Item Number: A01556

Item Title: Nice Uncleaned CS Archer Bolt

Price: $1125

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: CS

Type: Archer Bolt

Size: 3 Inch Caliber

Sabot: Lead Band

Fuse: N/A

Dickey and George (1993 Edition) Page 78

Location Recovered: Northern Virginia

Description:This Archer bolt is attributed to an 1862 production period as indicated by the short sabot according to Pete George in the 1993 D&G book. It has the slightly rounded nose and is one of more plentiful of these desirable projectiles. Archers often lost the sabot so ones with them are quite uncommon.

This Archer bolt is a very nice one being offered in as dug condition and not cleaned. The dirt has been washed off and a light coat of polyurethane applied. The iron is very good with only the lightest of ground action to give it a peppered look. The mold seam can be seen all the way around the shell from top to bottom on both sides, even across th the top of the nose. The bottom ring that the sabot is cast into is exposed and clearly shows the dimples to prevent the sabot from slipping. The sabot is completely intact and in place which isn't often seen. In one place the rifling can be made out. It does show the effects of slamming into the ground but displays nicely.

This projectile is inert, clean and coated.