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A01521 - Very nice 3in CS Read with thin bourreletes and a single flame groove

Item Number: A01521

Item Title: Very nice 3in CS Read with thin bourreletes and a single flame groove

Price: $625

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: CS

Type: Read

Size: 3in

Sabot: Copper ring

Fuse: Copper time fuse adapter


Location Recovered: Fredericksburg

Description:Confederate Read shell in very nice condition. This one has a single flame groove in the sabot and bottom bourrelet as well as a copper time fuse adapter. According to the late Mike O'Donnell, this combination dates this shell to late 1862 which is exactly when the Battle of Fredericksburg occurred.

Shell also saw the elephant in that it has distinct rifling on the sabot. Has been drilled through the fuse adapter, but the remnants of a paper time fuse are still there too which is quite clever work of the inerter. An uncommon Read variant in uncommonly nice condition.

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