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A01466 - Confederate iron sideloader converted for use as a gate weight

Item Number: A01466

Item Title: Confederate iron sideloader converted for use as a gate weight

Price: $275

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: CS

Type: CS sideloader

Size: 12pdr




Location Recovered: Virginia

Description:While we collect Civil war artillery projectiles, the the late 19th century farmer they were a big pain in the neck. After plowing this one up, this ingenious farmer turned it into something useful -- a gate weight. A hand forged eye bolt has been inserted into the fuse hole and cemented in place.

This is obviously an early pick up in great shape with no need for electrolysis or coating. There is a crack in the iron and a nice iron sideloading plug. Neat piece I originally got from the Horse Soldier and used on my own gate for several years.

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