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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. The big show in Franklin, Tn is 12/4-5. Hope to see many of you there. Picking up a big collection on the way so after that we will have a ton of stuff to post on the website.

A01408 - Big Boy CS Brooke Bolt From Ft Morgan Area

Item Number: A01408

Item Title: Big Boy CS Brooke Bolt From Ft Morgan Area

Price: $1950

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: CS

Type: Brooke Bolt

Size: 7 Inch Caliber

Sabot: Copper Cup

Fuse: N/A

Jack Bell Page 180

Location Recovered: Fish Creek near Fort Morgan, Mobile Bay, AL

Description:This shell is the style typically found in the Mobile Bay area of operations although they are also found in the Charleston, SC area. These shorter bolts were very good about keeping their sabot. Jack Bell lists this as the rarity 9 example with the thin upper bourrelet in his heavy artillery book but it may be the one on page 179. Either way it is a rare shell.

This example is unfired. It was dumped with others by the Confederates into Fish Creek. The two dents in the sabot are from other shells landing impacting the sabot. The iron is very good with no pitting. It appears to me to not have even been cleaned other than by hand yet is still very good. The sabot has a wonderful dark green patina. You can clearly see the peening marks on the bottom where the manufacturer fitted the sabot tightly. The lathe dimple is also clearly seen in the excellent condition sabot bolt. All in all a super projectile.

Projectile is inert and coated.

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