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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. The big show in Franklin, Tn is 12/4-5. Hope to see many of you there. Picking up a big collection on the way so after that we will have a ton of stuff to post on the website.

A01406 - CS Polygonal Cavity from Utoy Creek

Item Number: A01406

Item Title: CS Polygonal Cavity from Utoy Creek

Price: $250

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: CS

Type: Cannon Ball

Size: 12-lber (4.62 Caliber)

Sabot: Wood Cup (Missing)

Fuse: Wood Adapter (Missing)

Dickey and George (1993 Edition) Page 30 B
Melton and Pawl (Paperback Editon) Page 30 A-6

Location Recovered: Sept 1991 Lumsdens AL Battery position Utoy Creek

Description:There were a good number of wood fused polygonal cavity shells used in the battle leading up to Atlanta and around Atlanta. This is one of those projectiles. Found in September 1991 in the area of the site of the famous Lumsden's Alabama Artillery Battery where it was positioned during the battle of Utoy Creek on the SW side of Atlanta. This is the same battery pictured in what is arguably Don Troiani's most famous Civil War art Thunder on Little Kennesaw.

The shell is in very nice condition. The inside still has some battlefield dirt in it but appears to me to be polygonal cavity.

shell is inert, cleaned and coated.

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