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A01378 - Nice 6 Pounder British Rev War Broad Arrow Ball

Item Number: A01378

Item Title: Nice 6 Pounder British Rev War Broad Arrow Ball

Price: $700

Shipping: Not included


Type: Cannon Ball

Size: 6-lber (3.67 inch caliber)

Sabot: None

Fuse: N


Location Recovered: Possibly Castine Maine

Description:We get asked periodically about artillery from the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812 but there isn't nearly as much of it as the Civil War and it doesn't come up very often. But recently I was able to acquire a nice set of shot from the Revolutionary War. They had been owned by Corky Huey who had one of the biggest and nicest collections from that period around. Much of his artillery came from the great naval bombardment at Castine, Maine and these have that look of artillery from there but I can't be sure.

This projectile is a 6 pounder shot. The iron is very good and solid. It has the military marking of the British Broad arrow showing it to be a British round. It is in very good condition. The arrow is very distinct being cast well recessed into the iron. A prior owner put paint into the arrow recess so make it stand out but that can be easily removed if you want. I'll be glad to do that. This is a very nice example of a projectile that just doesn't come up a lot from the founding history of the US.

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