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Going to start listing some things now that my move is over and my PC is back set up. Still haven't found my charging cords to my cameras so using crummy cell phone photos, but will try to get a few things up and running.

A01356 - Superior Example of a 30-lber Hotchkiss
Sorry, this item is no longer available!

Item Number: A01356

Item Title: Superior Example of a 30-lber Hotchkiss

Price: $960

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US

Type: Hotchkiss

Size: 30 Pounder (4.2 Inch Caliber)

Sabot: Lead Band

Fuse: Wood Adapter (missing)

Jack Bell Page 242

Location Recovered: Unknown

Description:Parrott insisted that only Parrott projectiles be used in his cannon but Hotchkiss and other manufacturers managed to get a few of their projectiles purchased by the government for at least trying them out. Vicksburg and a very few other places show that some were actually used in battle for the 30-lber Parrott gun. Though a few have the iron anvil and Hotchkiss time fuse most are made to use the wood time adapter.

This projectile was originally thought to be a non-battlefield example but looking at it closely I think it is actually a non-fired dug round. There is a very small amount of ground action to just be enough to show it was buried at one time. The powder is gone from the cavity but there is some light colored dirt inside also indicating it had been buried. Unfortunately there is no provenance.

This is a fabulous example of the Hotchkiss made for the 30-lber Parrott rifle. It is one of the big boys of the Hotchkiss family. It is also the last of the affordable caliber. The larger ones get exponentially more expensive. The iron is real smooth and hard. The fuse hole is nice and clean. The sabot is nice and smooth with that old colored patina on it. The base cut shows a very small lathe dimple in it from the manufacturing process. This is a really top notch example.

The bottom image shows a 3 inch Hotchkiss round next to the one for sale for comparison.

Shell is inert, cleaned and coated.