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Title: Mansfield
Post by: emike123 on April 29, 2012, 07:40:19 PM
Shawshank Redemption is on AMC tonight.  Watching it is mandatory pre-work in preparation for the Civil War Show there next weekend.
Title: Re: Mansfield
Post by: tom buckley on April 30, 2012, 06:49:18 AM
Shawshank Redemption is my buddy's favorite movie and every year the last thing we do before leaving Mansfield is to drive up to the reformatory.
I'll be seeing you Saturday morning.
Title: Re: Mansfield
Post by: emike123 on April 30, 2012, 07:51:08 PM
Well, it looks like Carl doesn't have the heart to make it again this year so I will be flying without my wingman for the second straight year.  I just fielded a very nice call from Wayne Williams who said he is moving my table up between John Sexton and Brian Riehl to one of Jack Meltons' old tables (Jack is moving to another building).  Our spot is right in front in the second aisle in right to left in the middle building on the circle with the flagpole.  Thats one aisle over from where I have been and a couple tables closer to the front door.  I can't recall what the name of the building is, but we have a black tablecloth with lots of artillery and this year lots and lots of bullets just for you TV Buck.

Title: Re: Mansfield
Post by: CarlS on April 30, 2012, 08:06:41 PM
Title: Re: Mansfield
Post by: Lowcountry83 on May 06, 2012, 11:28:55 AM
So how was it? What did I miss?

Title: Re: Mansfield
Post by: tom buckley on May 06, 2012, 05:40:02 PM
I had a great time this year.
I got some very nice additions to my collection from Mike, a .69 "British Sea Service" (I know Jim, it's not really British), an odd thick walled Enfield from Holly Springs, and a few others.
I had a good time talking to Mike, Barry Banks, Phil Ley, and others I only get to see at Mansfield.
I have started to branch out just a little. I bought a .36 roundball paper cartridge in excellent condition that was very reasonable. I just wish I had got the dealer's business card because my memory isn't what it used to be and I can't remember his name even though I recognized it.
I even splurged and bought a nice dug confederate cut brass buckle.
One of the guys I rode up with had fun with the German WWII reenactors. He is fluent in five languages, including German. The fake Germans didn't understand a word. ;D
I am already looking forward to next year.

Title: Re: Mansfield
Post by: emike123 on May 07, 2012, 03:55:35 PM
The show was excellent as always although only a handful of forum members like Tom, Dave G., and Jack made it.  The hosting committee which includes Dave G. does a phenomenal job.  Saturday was so busy I was swamped especially not having my wingman.  The buying and selling was furious, but it slowed down a lot Sunday.  Jack Bell and I did dinner both nights and Nick Periut and his wide Laura joined us one night.  The weather was fantastic for Central Ohio this time of year especially.

I will try to post pictures of some of my acquisitions later this week.  They include a 24pdr Bormann replacement-fused sideloader, a 24pdr with a watercap fuse, a 4.2" Selma bolt, a 6.4" bottlenose Parrott bolt, an Atlanta 10pdr Read, a sleeved Read 20pdr shell, a round nosed 20pdr Read shell, a CS Parrott knock-off 20 or 30pdr (can't remember, probably 30!), a 2.6" Dyer exploded - oddball there, a 2.5" Britten bolt (no sabot, unfortunately), a sectioned Selma Broun, and some cool frags.  I also added some pieces to put on the website which I will be doing shortly.

Thanks for keeping the forum active during my offline status but now I am back.