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Looking forward to the Big Dalton Show at the end of the month. Hope to see many of you there.

M00492 - CS Clip Corner Belt Buckle

Item Number: M00492

Item Title: CS Clip Corner Belt Buckle

Price: $3300

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: CS

Model: Accoutrement Belt Plate

Type: CS Clip Corner

Book: Mullinax Page 61 Plate 105

Location Recovered: Finding Out

Description:This is a consignment item of a friend. He bought this from a lady in Resaca whose husband had bought it from a dealer in Tennessee in the 1990's but she didn't have any names and her husband has passed.

The plate appears to be plate 105 in the Mullinax "Confederate Belt Buckles and Plates" book. When I get the buckle I'll measure it and confirm which one it is. More info to follow but I wanted to go ahead and get it on the site. I'll be taking it to Gettysburg the Oct 24th weekend.

This plate is the much desired Confederate clip corner plate. it is my favorite plate and I often wear one to shows. It is very sturdy but has one of the hooks broken off as it periodically seen. This normally happens because an air bubble got into the hook casting. A very nice looking plate.

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