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M00483 - Washington Artillery print by Don Troiani

Item Number: M00483

Item Title: Washington Artillery print by Don Troiani

Price: $175

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US

Model: Print

Type: Modern


Location Recovered:

Description:Troiani Civil War Regimental Print: Washington Artillery of New Orleans 1862. One of Don Troiani's Regimental Series, this print measures 15 1/2 inches wide by 20 inches tall and the frame measures 18" x 24". This print was published in 1991.

I have always wanted this print, and it is one of the most desirable Troiani prints, especially for artillery enthusiasts. Surprisingly, a friend found me another one at exactly the same time I got this one so after years with none, I ended up with two within a week of each other.

This print is in great, framed condition. Photos make print color appear faded, but colors are the same depth throughout. No fading. I just paid Frameworks $350 to have a different Troiani print framed so this is a great value. You might want to replace the matte, but that is a cheap fix.

The print is signed and numbered 924 out of 950. The Certificate of Authenticity (COA) is also included.

I just looked on eBay and the only one for sale there is $900 which is ridiculous, but does show how popular this print is and what a good value this framed one is.

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