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M00479 - The Gray Wall by Don Troiani, Framed S/N Lithograph, 536 of 950

Item Number: M00479

Item Title: The Gray Wall by Don Troiani, Framed S/N Lithograph, 536 of 950

Price: $400

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US




Location Recovered:

Description:Nicely framed and matted print of one of Don Troiani's most desirable works, The Gray Wall. Fully framed dimensions are 31.25" x 30.5"

The scene it represents takes place during the 1864 Campaign in the West showing one of many skirmishes that occurred along the road to Atlanta and beyond between the armies of Joe Johnston and William Tecumseh Sherman.

Late in the war, with their ranks depleted by casualties and desertion; the heartiest of these men fought on. Stubborn, defiant, but, most of all brave and loyal to the cause they believed in; they continued to the very end; and it is the character of these type of men that Don Troiani portrays masterfully in this artwork.

These Confederate soldiers are well armed, with imported P53 Enfield rifled muskets (3-band) and locally made Cook & Brother rifles (copied on the P56 2-band Enfield but with furniture wholly in brass rather than steel).

There is no doubt of the ultimate result, but there is also no doubt that Union victory will not be bought cheap, and when finally achieved it will have to be done by going through men like these, who will yield nothing without making the enemy pay the price.

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