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M00444 - Gun Tools and Parts

Item Number: M00444

Item Title: Gun Tools and Parts

Price: $110

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US/CS

Model: Small Arms

Type: Miscellaneous Items


Location Recovered: Kennesaw Mountain Area

Description:Up for auction is a nice collection of gun parts and tools dug in the Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield area which is located just outside Marietta, GA on the NW side of Atlanta. They are from a local diggers collection. Given they are all from the same area I felt like it best to keep them together as a group. The iron is very nice on these. It is hard to dig small iron items like this in good shape. I believe the gun tools are an Austrian rifle on the left and the other two are for the M1842 rifle but I am not sure and leave this ID up to the buyer. The other parts are a rifle breach, lock plate, hammer and barrel band. The case is included.

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