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M00425 - Snake Buckle

Item Number: M00425

Item Title: Snake Buckle

Price: $45

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US/CS



Book: Mullinax page 112 and others

Location Recovered: Non dug

Description:This is just the snake piece to a Snake Buckle. The belt loops are missing but this is the desirable piece of the buckle.

I know this is an old military buckle because I got it in a group of them. They were all made in England. It is not a cheap reproduction made in Pakistan. These made up part of the belt rig of the P53 Enfields and were imported through the blockade frequently. They continued to be used by English forces after our Civil War.

Snake is 42mm long.

If interested, I have some extra adjusters for these, but not they are the oval ones with the tongues, not the ones with the loops to hold the snake head.

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