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M00387 - Confederate Richmond Pike
Sorry, this item is no longer available!

Item Number: M00387

Item Title: Confederate Richmond Pike

Price: $950

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: CS



Book: American Polearms pg. 131

Location Recovered:

Description:Came from well known collection in Georgia where many of these were made and issued to troops but also as home defense weapons. I got two several years ago that had been in the fron hall of an Augusta area home for 140 years. Measures 95" in length and is missing only the cone shaped butt cap.

I love pikes. They are the least expensive Confederate edged weapons and cry out "lost cause." Rodney Hilton Brown, who authored the definitive reference work American Polearms, wrote, "While the sixteenth-century colonial looked at his pike with pride and confidence, the Confederate footsoldier saw his pike as the ultimate symbol of futility and desperation."

A Mobile, Alabama newspaper propagandized, "We are arming our men with a weapon new in this war, and in modern warfare generally, but a most effective weapon, as it will compell the Southern soldier to his best fighting points and the Northerner on his worst, to wit: hand-to-hand fighting. This weapon being the pike..."

The only 2 times I am aware of Confederate soldiers facing off armed with pikes were bad outcomes as to be expected. One was the Great Train Robbery and another was where the troops wisely skedaddled in the face of opponents armed with rifled muskets.

Full length examples of these are really hard to find.