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M00383 - Brass pendulum hause sight base for a cannon

Item Number: M00383

Item Title: Brass pendulum hause sight base for a cannon

Price: $150

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US/CS




Location Recovered: South Carolina or Bannermans

Description:Pendulum hause sight base for a Civil War era cannon. This base has taken a dark patina with age but you can see some of the yellow brass particularly on the edges where it has been handled and it is not magnetic, so it is brass. Not all these bases are the same size and this one is 39mm across at the slot, 39.7mm across at the back. There are no markings on it which I think is normal. I got this from Greg Craven who told me it was dug at the site where a Confederate train was burned in South Carolina.

I showed it to an extremely knowledgeable artillery fellow last week who said he thought it was Bannerman's Surplus and not dug, but he agreed it was right and felt it was for a 12pdr Napoleon. Unfortunately, Greg Craven has passed away so I cannot cross check with him, but I do know many pendulum hause sights were dug at that South Carolina location. In any event, this is priced inexpensively as if it were from Bannerman's surplus.

In the last picture is an illustrative photograph of a pendulum hause sight in a similar brass base that was affixed to the back end of a Civil War era cannon (this sight in the greenish base is shown for illustrative purposes only -- the successful bidder is only getting the dark sight base shown in the first pictures).

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