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L00037 - Artillery Fuses of the Civil War - Christmas Price!!!

Item Number: L00037

Title: Artillery Fuses of the Civil War - Christmas Price!!!

Author: Charles H. Jones (Chuck Jones)

Edition: 1st

Price: $95

Shipping: Not included

Description:Was $110! Now only $95 for the holidays!

I just got a couple copies of Chuck Jones fuse book. They are still shrink wrapped. This is THE fuse book. As far as I know it is the only book written on just fusing of American Civil War projectiles and is no doubt the definitive work. When people refer to "the fuse book" this is what they are talking about. It has a wealth of great information and images. There are a good number of fuses not shown in any artillery book. These were printed in pretty limited number and they don't show up very often. If you are into artillery you need this book!

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