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A00306 - Nice 20-lber Parrott Case Shot Half

Item Number: F00306

Item Title: Nice 20-lber Parrott Case Shot Half

Price: $225

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US

Type: Parrott

Size: 20 Pounder (3.67 Caliber)

Sabot: Brass Ring (Missing)

Fuse: Parrott Zinc Time Fuse


Location Recovered: Atlanta, GA Area

Description:This is a very neat Parrott 20-lber half shell. The case shot shells are slightly shorter than the common shells in this size to reduce the weight so they would not be too heavy for the Parrott gun. This shell came out of an old digger's collection in Atlanta.

The outside iron is in pretty good shape compared to most cut shells. You can clearly see the rabbets in the sabot groove which held the sabot to keep it from slipping when fired. This groove is pretty clean and crisp.

The inside view shows us a good bit. First of all is the nice iron body with a nice clean cut. The iron has a decent size air bubble in the base portion just below the powder cavity bottom. The fusing is a zinc time adapter using a paper time fuse. Both are still present in this half shell and in good shape. The fuse leads down to a metal tube that held the powder charge and ran the entire length of the shell cavity. Surrounding this are the lead case shot ball which are suspended in back matrix. The inside is very crisp and clear.

The inside also tells a story about this particular shell. As you can see, at the top of the powder tube sits a lead ball that where it appears during assembly the ball fell on top of the tube and blocked it preventing the shell from going off when fired.

Shell half is inert and the outside surface coated.

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