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A00279 - 13-inch Mortar Fragment

Item Number: F00279

Item Title: 13-inch Mortar Fragment

Price: $60

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US

Type: Mortar Ball

Size: 13 Inch Caliber

Sabot: None


Book: Jack Bell Page 80

Location Recovered: Charleston, South Carolina Area

Description:One of the most popular shells for collectors is the 13-inch mortar ball. Even though they were used a good bit they are so deep that relic hunters can't find them so they are rare. This is a frag from one that blew up around Charleston, SC during the siege.

The surface reflects that is it a low country shell but it has been run and the iron is solid. The frag is $2.75" thick and weighs over 19 pounds.

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