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A00245 - Very neat Britten Shell slice

Item Number: F00245

Item Title: Very neat Britten Shell slice

Price: $75

Shipping: Not included


Type: Britten Segmented Shell Frag

Size: 3.5 Inch Caliber for 12-lber Blakely Rifle

Sabot: Lead cup

Fuse: Britten Percussion

Book: Dickey and George (1993 Edition) Page 117

Location Recovered: Spanish Fort, AL

Description:Although made in England these were used by both side with scattered usage on all fronts. But even then they are rather scarce. This one was probably fired from Battery F, 1st Missouri Light Artillery, USA. Official Records state they fired 1,102 rounds, mostly at Confederate Fort McDermott, with a few sailing over the hill towards Battery Old Spanish Fort.

This frag is amazing in that while it is from a segmented Blakely shell it still retains both part of the sabot and a good number of the internal hardened segments. These typically all separate and go in opposite directions. So with this piece you get what is essentially a naturally segmented slice of the shell. Note that one piece of the hardened internal case shot pieces is loose but fits into place. The rest are still in place from being in the ground.

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