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Looks like some promoters are going for it and trying to run their shows. Who knows if anyone will show up. I hope it works out but have concerns as we all do. Meanwhile we have a big collection arriving this week and will try to use the Memorial Day weekend to get it sorted. We are in a new world of doing relic deals with masks on and its been hell on the supply chain, but it looks like things are slowly opening up so stay tuned to the PC this weekend!

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A00234 - Half section of a 12pdr Bormann fused case shot shell

Item Number: F00234

Item Title: Half section of a 12pdr Bormann fused case shot shell

Price: $200

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US

Type: Case shot spherical shell

Size: 12PDR


Fuse: Bormann time fuse


Location Recovered: Unknown

Description: Very nice half section of a 12pdr case shot shell. Has the most desirable bright yellow, sulfur based, matrix.

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