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A00223 - Big CS Shell Nose Fragment
Sorry, this item is no longer available!

Item Number: F00223

Item Title: Big CS Shell Nose Fragment

Price: $65

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: CS

Type: Shell Fragment

Size: LIkely 7 Inch

Sabot: Unknown

Fuse: Unknown - Probably Archer Percussion


Location Recovered: Ft. Harrison

Description:We see a lot of cannon ball fragments and field artillery frags but here is a large piece of a CS shell for what I believe is a 7-inch caliber gun. It is likely from a Mullane or Brooke shell and appears to be cast to accept the uncommon CS Archer fuse. The frag weighs just over 9 pounds 8 ounces. The piece has not been run through electrolysis but the iron is in good shape without heavy rust. It is a nice looking dug relic. Note a prior owner has painted the provenance on the powder cavity surface.

Item is inert and coated.