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Hard to believe but I think our next show will be the Ohio Show in Mansfield on the first weekend of of May. Carl picked up some goodies at Vicksburg so hopefully we'll get them listed soon.

B00725 - British 577/450 Martini–Henry cartridges

Item Number: B00725

Item Title: British 577/450 Martini–Henry cartridges

Price: $35

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US






Location Recovered:

Description:Cartridge for the 577/450 Martini-Henry rifle. This one has the rare, super thin brass cartridge. The failings of this cartridge are immortalized in one of my favorite films, Zulu (link to end of it below) when the British rifles became so hot from repeat firing that they stripped these thin brass jackets and many failed in the carnage of battle.

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