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B00602 - Infamous Smith Carbine bullet

Item Number: B00602

Item Title: Infamous Smith Carbine bullet

Price: $6

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US

Type: Smith carbine

Size: .50 cal




Location Recovered: Petersburg area

Description:I got temporarily suspended from eBay for this little bullet. At 4:16am my time (3:46pm India time) they zapped me for listing a prohibited item -- 3 days in suspension! There are over a thousand Civil War slugs for sale on eBay including a bunch of mine, but this innocuous $6 bullet got me in hot water.

Please buy it out of protest against heavy handed corporate oppression and political correctness. I have two! I will use 100% of the proceeds on something eBay obviously hates like honest, non-fake relics.

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