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Hard to believe but I think our next show will be the Ohio Show in Mansfield on the first weekend of of May. Carl picked up some goodies at Vicksburg so hopefully we'll get them listed soon.

B00602 - Infamous Smith Carbine bullet

Item Number: B00602

Item Title: Infamous Smith Carbine bullet

Price: $6

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US

Type: Smith carbine

Size: .50 cal




Location Recovered: Petersburg area

Description:I got temporarily suspended from eBay for this little bullet. At 4:16am my time (3:46pm India time) they zapped me for listing a prohibited item -- 3 days in suspension! There are over a thousand Civil War slugs for sale on eBay including a bunch of mine, but this innocuous $6 bullet got me in hot water.

Please buy it out of protest against heavy handed corporate oppression and political correctness. I have two! I will use 100% of the proceeds on something eBay obviously hates like honest, non-fake relics.

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