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Looks like some promoters are going for it and trying to run their shows. Who knows if enough people will show up to make them worthwhile. I hope it works out but have concerns as we all do. Still figuring out which ones we'll attend this summer, but it looks like we'll try and do them. Stay tuned as the situation is fluid.

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B00598 - Old school 6 bullet display battlefield collection

Item Number: B00598

Item Title: Old school 6 bullet display battlefield collection

Price: $40

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US/CS






Location Recovered: Various as labeled

Description:Carefully labelled display of 6 bullets from 6 different battlefields. Neatly printed and pinned -- no glue! This came out of a collection I picked up around the Dalton Show time. Who knew that would be the last show for a while...

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