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B00464 - Massive 72 caliber Foreign Mold Bullet from the Wishing Well Cache

Item Number: B00464

Item Title: Massive 72 caliber Foreign Mold Bullet from the Wishing Well Cache

Price: $35

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US


Size: 72 caliber



TT#: 208

Location Recovered: Wishing Well, Savannah, GA

Description:Very desirable bullet recovered from the large cache at the "Wishing Well" in Savannah, GA. A lot of these and 4 or 5 other types were dumped in a well by Confederates when the city fell to keep them out of Yankee hands. They are all a little cruty from the caustic powder they rested in for 100+ years.

This is one of the largest caliber bullets used in the war.

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