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B00423 - 100 Count Dropped 3-Ringer Bullets From Spanish Fort
Sorry, this item is no longer available!

Item Number: B00423

Item Title: 100 Count Dropped 3-Ringer Bullets From Spanish Fort

Price: $120

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US/CS

Type: Minie Ball (3 Ringer) Bullets

Size: Proabably all are 50 caliber but may be some slight variance




Location Recovered: Spanish Fort/Blakely AL area

Description:Purchased from the digger, this is a group of 100 bullets he dug around Spanish Fort. Some many have been found at Blakely though he said he dug mostly at Spanish Fort. They are nice bullets with most nice and white; better than most bulk bullets. They look to all be .58 caliber but I've not looked closely and there could be some .54 caliber in there. I haven't inspected the cavities closely either so there might be something good there. But the group is priced as 100 3-Ringers. You are sure to like them.

Shipping on these should be $10. I have three bags of these.