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B00422 - Super rare and desirable .54 caliber Fagan

Item Number: B00422

Item Title: Super rare and desirable .54 caliber Fagan

Price: $1800

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: CS

Type: Fagan

Size: .518 x .943




Location Recovered: Camp Walker, AR

Description:Extremely elusive, almost mythical in status, the Fagan sits atop the pinnacle of Trans Mississippi bullets for collectors. It comes in .58 and .54 caliber with the .54 caliber being arguably the rarer of the two rarities (which is rarer, the Hope Diamond or the Great Star of Africa?)

I have personally only owned a .58 caliber Fagan (same one twice) so know this is a rare bird indeed. I bought and sold mine the first time for this amount and the consignor paid this amount for this one. An expensive bullet, yes, but as Jack Bell would say, "go find another."

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