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The NGRHA show in Marietta was a huge hit. It was great to see everybody. We will be listing some projectiles later this week.

B00211 - Rare CS Naval Explosive bullet

Item Number: B00211

Item Title: Rare CS Naval Explosive bullet

Price: $225

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: CS

Type: CSN Explosive bullet

Size: 69 caliber


MM#: 530 and 531

TT#: 205

Location Recovered: Champions Hill

Description:This super rare bullet was found at Champion's Hill by John Spicer. These were condemned (due to their nasty habit of exploding during loading in the musket) and subsequently used in case shot shells (which is why this one is smooshed). From its recovery location, it was likely fired by General Stephen Dill Lee's Alabama Battery. The story of these interesting bullets is written on page 63 of McKee and Mason's bullet book.

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