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B00209 - Bizarre 2pc bullet dug in Texas, possibly for the 55 cal Lorenz rifle
Sorry, this item is no longer available!

Item Number: B00209

Item Title: Bizarre 2pc bullet dug in Texas, possibly for the 55 cal Lorenz rifle

Price: $100

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: CS

Type: Austrian Lorenz?

Size: 54-55 cal




Location Recovered: Dyers Island, Texas

Description:This bullet is interesting, highly unusual, and was sold to our consignor by Nick Periut with the following write-up:

"This unusual multi-piece bullet was dug on Dyer's Island, Texas. Condition is superb. Possibly a French import for the Austrian rifle smuggled in by the Confederates."

Reference Stelma, Some Civil War Bullets 2, numbers 02-089 and 02-090. Collectors once cited as a French Sharps, but no such weapon can be found. Collectors now attribute them to the .55 caliber Austrian Lorenz rifle. The purpose of the detachable base in unknown.

The patina is flawless, perhaps too flawless in the opinion of the webmaster. It could be that this bullet has been painted but the only way to coinfirm would be to apply nail polish remover with acetone and that would destroy the look.