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B00200 - Mac Mason marked .54 Austrian bullet

Item Number: B00200

Item Title: Mac Mason marked .54 Austrian bullet

Price: $20

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US/CS


Size: 54 Caliber


MM#: 421


Location Recovered: Possibly Kennesaw, GA

Description:This is a dropped 3 ring .54 caliber bullet straight out of Mac Mason's own collection and display. It has his telltale writing on it but it is faded which is why it was swapped directly out of the complete collection of several hundred bullets of his very own, not the ones he sold at shows. So it is 100% righteous and the cheapest Mac marked bullet you will see.

Writing is hard to read, but it has the diameter and length written on it as well as the words "ringer" and Pin Cavity" It has a type one pin cavity but I think that is from a casting bubble. It is in nice, dropped condition.

Mac Mason was of course the co-author of the bullet reference book that is still widely used today. Other books have come along with updated info, but he and Reid McKee established the taxonomy as well as provided a great base of reference in their bullet books.

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